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Student Technolgy Fee for 2023-2024

2023-2024 Student Technology Fee

$50 Per Student
$50 for one student
$100 for two students
$150 for three or more students

How to pay fee?
You will be able to pay your student Technology Fee 
by Credit Card
via MySchoolBucks
Detailed Information will be posted here 
regarding "how to pay"... 
on Monday, April 24, 2023
For other questions please call:

Barack Obama Learning Academy - 708-825-2400
Jesse White Learning Academy - 708-825-2190
District Office - 708-825-0079

Payment via MY School Bucks

MySchoolBucks Payment

FAQs - Student Technology Fee

Frequently Asked Questions About the Student Technology Fee

What is the student technology fee?

The technology fee is a $50 charge per student, per school year.

What does the student technology fee cover?

  • Equitable access to all of the District’s Technology resources.

  • An Assigned Chromebook or iPad

    • An assigned a 1-to-1 technology device (issued per student) to be used for Learning 

      • This assigned device will  be an iPad or a Chromebook - depending on the student's grade level, to be used exclusively by that student.

  • A Hazel Crest District 152½ “Google for Education Account” created for each student.

    • This Google for Education Account allows the student to access the district’s entire online digital curriculum.

  • High-speed internet access throughout the campus

  • Access to STEM related programs (e.g. Z-Space Labs, 3D Printers, etc.)

  • Access to the E-Sports computer lab and the school’s Student-Broadcast facilities.

  • Training students to utilize 21st Century Technologies to enhance their learning outcomes.

  • Support from the IT Help Desk, including on-campus hardware repair for accidental damage of devices, and remote-assistance with device issues.