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Teaching & Learning

Director of Teaching and Learning

Welcome to the Department of Teaching and Learning! This department focuses on the core components on building the capacity of our parents/guardians and instructional leaders in an effort to enhance instructional growth within our student body.
Beginning Fall 2019 we will have Parent University sessions. The purpose of each session is to provide parents/guardians support in understanding their student’s data and instructional goals.  Parents will be provided strategies and activities to use so they can further improve the instructional support system within their home.
Teachers are provided a multitude of support to strengthen their pedagogy and sharpen their practice. Instructional support consists of:
  • Professional Development
  • Teacher Boot Camp
  • 21st Century Learning Practices
  • Professional Learning Communities
  • Instructional Committees
  • STEM Education
Students are provided a hybrid curriculum. The classrooms are technology-rich to allow learning to take place on a digital platform. Students are 1:1 with Chromebooks. Google Classroom is used for assignments, projects and digital learning. Students in the 8th grade are provided an opportunity to obtain high school credit (Honors Algebra) with a partnership through Thornton Township High School District 205. Opportunities to enhance student growth outside of the classroom include:
  • After-School STEM Education
  • Clubs
  • Instructional Fairs
  • Music
As we move forward, the Department of Teaching and Learning will be evolving to meet the needs of our parents, teachers and students. Please contact us with questions/concerns at 708.825.0070.
Educationally yours,
Dr. Linda Johnson-McClinton
Director of Teaching and Learning
Mrs. LaVonia Wells
Administrative Assistant to the Director of Teaching and Learning


Dr. Cynthia Levy      
Director of Teaching and Learning 

Ms. Denischia Cooper
Administrative Assistant to the Department of Teaching and Learning