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8th Grade Orientation (BOLA/JWLA)
Voice Recognition

Teaching & Learning

Director of Teaching and Learning

Dr. Cynthia Levy
Welcome to the department of Teaching and Learning! As Director of Teaching and Learning and Assessments, it is my honor to work with the dedicated staff, administration, families and students that comprise the entire professional learning
The mission of the Department of Teaching and Learning is to provide a viable and guaranteed curriculum in every core and elective subject for all students. All books and materials are used to support instruction based on Illinois State Learning Standards and District 152 ½ adopted curricula. The Department of Teaching and Learning also seeks to improve instruction through relevant professional development activities focused on improving student learning.
Our central focus is on improving the learning experiences for all students by ensuring:
  • We focus closely on the rich diverseness of all learners
  • Our curriculum and classroom instruction enriching and aligned to Illinois State and College and Career Readiness Standards
  • We provide engaging learning experiences for students
  • We assess learning on an ongoing basis
  • Tailor learning to the needs of our students
We are responsible for providing leadership, support and coaching to teachers, general education staff and building administrators while ensuring high quality instruction and learning takes place in every classroom every day! In addition to assessments, we monitor, and refine what students learn during daily instruction. We seek to:
  • Professional development is tailored to the needs of learners and educators
  • Implement cycle of continuous improvement to increase student achievement
  • Maximize the achievement and growth of each child 
  • We encourage our families to participate in Parent University to learn the ins and out of their child’s educational program
We look forward to working with students, staff and parents throughout the school year.
Dr. Cynthia Levy
Director of Teaching and Learning


Dr. Cynthia Levy      
Director of Teaching and Learning 

Ms. Denischia Cooper
Administrative Assistant to the Department of Teaching and Learning