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Virtual Summer School June 1 - June 30


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Strategic Plan
Empower students to follow their unique path to greatness by maximizing achievement and growth.

We believe the path to greatness is paved when:
* Strong school, home and community partnerships are cultivated.
* Rigorous and relevant instruction, along with high expectations are the norm.
* Research, data and educational best practices drive decision making.
* A culture of mutual respect and empathy is established.
* A safe, clean, secure and inviting atmosphere is maintained.
 Greatness Indicators:
Greatness Component Measurable Greatness Indicators
Superior Performance
 - Student Academic Achievement
 - Recognition of students, staff, school, &
 - Respect, empathy, and positive culture
Distinctive Impact
 - Leaders in professional development
 - High levels of student connectedness
 - Home, school, and community    partnerships
Lasting Endurance
 - Success in High School and beyond
 - Fiscal responsibility
Goals Timeline
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