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Re-Opening Plan

Reopening Plan PDF

Hazel Crest School District Reopening Plan 2020-2021 

Our plan has been developed to keep students, staff, and the community safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, while maintaining our mission of: 
Together Everyone Achieves More
Empower students to follow their unique paths to greatness by maximizing achievement and growth. 
March 7, 2021: This plan will be updated as public health guidelines change.
Personal Protective Equipment / Social Distancing / Screening
Face coverings
Screening procedures for students and staff COVID-19 quarantine room
COVID-19 training
COVID-19 response protocols
Contact tracing
School Closure
Facility Modifications
Protective barriers 
Start time changes 
Facilities, Cleaning and Sanitation
Seating on the bus
Bus pick-up and drop-off 
Bus sanitization
Food Services 
Personnel Instruction
Hybrid Learning Model
Large group gatherings Related arts
Passing periods
Social and emotional supports Remote Learning Model Remote learning guidelines
Role of Families 
The District 152.5 Board of Education approved two options for instruction in the spring of 2021. The Reopening Committees which is composed of district and building-level administrators, teachers, school nurses, clerical, food service, technology, and buildings & grounds, have been involved in the planning process.
The following plan lays out District 152.5 reopening of school. Parents have been asked to choose between a hybrid model of in-person instruction and live remote learning with no on-site instruction.
  • District / School communication will be prioritized and coordinated.
  • School / Class information will be communicated through Google Classroom only.
  • Weekly updates will be provided with new guidance and directions as needed.
Personal Protection Equipment / Screening / Social Distancing
District 152.5 continues to monitor the spread of COVID-19 and the number of cases in Illinois and surrounding states. With more than 1,000 students and 130 employees, we all play an important role in minimizing the risk and impact on each other and our operations. The health and safety of students and staff is our top priority. As a result, District 152.5 schools will implement a variety of measures to keep everyone as safe as possible. 
Face Coverings
All students and staff are required to wear a face covering while inside all 152.5 school buildings. Families are to provide their student(s) with their own face covering. HCSD 152.5 schools do have a limited number of disposable face masks for students without one. Properly worn face masks (covering the nose and mouth) will be expected at the following times:
  • On buses
  • In classrooms and hallways
  • In restrooms
  • Entering and exiting school buildings
Face shields will be available to all staff, but they must be used in conjunction with a face mask, per the IDPH guidelines.
Family Responsibility
It is expected that parents and guardians will be responsible for sending healthy students to school each day.
For students returning for in-person instruction, parents/guardians are required to complete a daily Student Certification Form indicating they are NOT sending their child(ren) to school if they are exhibiting any of the following symptoms:
  • Temperature of 100^ or greater
  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  • Repeated shaking with chills
  • Sore throat
  • Headache
  • New loss of taste or smell
  • Cough
  • Fatigue
  • Rash
  • Nausea, Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Muscle or body aches
  • Congestion or runny nose
  • If your child has diagnosed allergies, asthma or other chronic health conditions that would exhibit COVID-19-like symptoms, we encourage you to discuss this matter with your health provider for any needed recommendations to return or attend school. It is recommended that parents contact their child's healthcare provider if the child is immunocompromised prior to the start of school.
  • On a daily basis, parents will need to certify that their child is free from COVID-19 symptoms before sending them to the bus stop or to school.
  • If a child comes to school with a fever and any of the COVID-19 symptoms, , they will be sent to the quarantine room and they will need to be picked up immediately from school. Students who exhibit symptoms should be taken to a medical provider for evaluation, treatment and information about when For students without the certification, their temperature will be taken and the parent will be contacted to review the certification checklist..
  • they can return to school. They will not be admitted back into the school without medical clearance. 
Staff Responsibility
  • Staff will complete a self-certification process daily upon entering the building. STAY HOME IF YOU ARE SICK.
  • Staff temperatures will be taken upon arrival at school and they will affirm that they are symptom free.
  • Staff who are absent due to COVID-19 symptoms will follow the recommended guidelines for return to school per the health department.
  • Staff must report COVID-19 symptoms, diagnoses or exposures when reporting absences. Confirmed cases will be reported to the health department. How the absence will be categorized will be determined per protocol.
COVID-19 Quarantine Rooms
There will be a separate, designated space in both buildings for anyone who presents signs or symptoms of COVID-19. This room will be supervised by a licensed medical professional.   If a student is sent to the Quarantine Room, her / his parents/guardians will be called, to pick them up from school.
  • If a child is sent home with COVID-19 symptoms, he/she may not return until criteria is met based on health department guidelines given to them by the school nurse. When students are ready to return to school from illness related to COVID-19, the parent should contact the school nurse prior to returning.
  • Testing site information can be found on the IDPH website.
COVID-19 Training
All students and staff will be provided training on safety protocols related to the prevention and transmission of COVID-19 and the proper hygiene protocols necessary for prevention. This will include:
  • Hand-washing expectations
  • Proper ways to wear and remove a face mask
  • Techniques to maintain appropriate social-distances
  • Responding to an ill student or adult
COVID-19 Response Protocols
Plans and procedures have been developed in collaboration with the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH), the Cook County Health Department (CCDPH), and the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE). These guidelines are fluid and are likely to change as we receive more information and work our way through the school year. Please be patient and flexible as we continue to navigate these unprecedented times. Families and staff should report all possible and confirmed cases to the school where the child/staff attends or works.
Contact Tracing
D152.5 schools will immediately contact the Cook County Department of Public Health upon learning of a positive COVID-19 case among the student body or staff. The Cook County Department of Public Health will investigate all cases/contact tracing.
School Closure
Decisions on school closure will be made in consultation with the Cook County Department of Public Health case investigation.
School Volunteers and Guests
All school visitors, volunteers and guest activity will be suspended until further notice.
Designated point of entry/exit for the following:
  • Late drop-off/early pick-up of students - Door 1
  • Delivering student belongings - Door 1
Facilities, Cleaning and Sanitation
As standard practice, air quality will be continuously monitored. Additionally, all buildings, including classrooms, will be thoroughly sanitized and cleaned daily.
  • Custodian schedules have been adjusted in preparation for increased cleaning of bathrooms, classrooms, and surfaces during the school day.
  • Stringent cleaning supplies will be used to clean all spaces.
  • Hand sanitizers placed in all rooms with students and adults
  • Wipes / cleaning supplies for all rooms as needed
  • Sinks, stalls / urinals closed as needed for social distancing
  • Closely monitored cleaning schedules / updated practices for all school rooms
  • Rooms believed to have been directly contaminated will be isolated for at least 24 hours prior to thorough cleaning. 
Protective Barriers
Plexiglass barriers have been installed throughout the buildings including in the main offices, support staff offices, and student desks to provide an additional layer of protection for students and staff.
Start Time Updates
We are aware that the new certification and social distancing procedures will mean that it will take longer for students to enter the buildings. Additional staff is being added to monitor and facilitate arrival and dismissal protocols for students.
  • Students: 8:30a - 1:00p
  • Staff:  8:00a - 3:00p
The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) created infographics on the symptoms of COVID-19, social distancing and how to properly wash hands. Hazel Crest District 152.5 will select the most appropriate of these signs to be printed along with social distancing floor decals. The signage will appear in the building entrances, hallways, cafeterias and restrooms.
  • Students and staff are expected to wear a face covering on the bus at all times.
  • If a student does not have a face covering while riding the bus, a mask will be provided.
  • If a student repeatedly does not have a face covering while riding the bus, notification to the family will be given and transportation service may be disrupted.
  • Bus Aides have been added to all routes to enforce the new protocols.
Riding the School Bus
  • Students are required to present a Student Certification Form to the Bus Aide upon boarding. The Aide will collect the Student Certification Form to turn into the school. They will notify the school of any student who did not provide one.
  • Students will be assigned a seat.  Students without the Student Certification Form will be required to sit at the front of the bus.
  • Students are required to wear a face covering/mask at all times.
  • Students in the same family will sit together when possible.
  • No more than 24 students will be assigned to each bus.
Bus Sanitization
  • All buses will be deep cleaned and disinfected prior to the start of the school year.
  • Buses will be disinfected, between routes, after every morning and every afternoon route.
Bus Drop-off and Walkers
  • Students will be dropped off and picked up at Door 15.
  • Students will be greeted by a member of the Building Staff. The Bus Aide will turn the Self Certification Forms into this staff member and will alert them to any student who did not provide one.
  • Student temperatures will be taken upon entering the facility either by a handheld thermometer or thermal scanner.
  • Any student who does not present a Student Certification Form will be further assessed before being allowed to class.  
Car Drop-off / Pick-up
  • Students are to remain in the vehicle until directed by the Building Staff member to exit.
  • Car riders will enter and exit thru Door 1; Student Certification Forms will be collected when the student exits the vehicle.
  • Student temperatures will be taken upon entering the facility either by a handheld thermometer or thermal scanner.
  • Traffic patterns around each school building will be monitored for issues.
  • Entry points have been assigned to encourage social distancing.
  • Students are expected to wear a face covering when entering and exiting the building. 
Food Services
  • Grab-n-Go Breakfast will be offered upon entering the building to be eaten in the classroom.
  • All students will receive a snack midmorning.
  • A Grab-n-Go Lunch will be offered to all students at dismissal.
  • Face coverings may be removed once students are seated and ready to eat.
  • Food options will be streamlined and safely packaged.
  • All enrolled students are eligible to receive meals free of charge.  
Hybrid Learning Model Guidelines (Pre-K-8)
Parents are given the option to choose which learning model their child(ren) will participate in for the remainder of the 2020-2021 school year.
  • Students will attend school Monday through Friday, 8:30a -1:00p; Teachers will provide students with information regarding their office hours for additional instructional support.
  • Students attending in-person are to bring their HCSD 152.5 District provided device fully charged daily.
  • Original class sizes have been reduced to (12) students for Kindergarten thru 8th grades for in-person instruction.
  • Homework, assignments and grades will be counted and attendance is mandatory.
  • Special Education students: IDEA has not changed its requirements for providing a free and appropriate public education [FAPE], so students' minutes will need to be met and compensatory plans may need to be created for students who have lost significant skills as a result of closure. Students will receive their accommodations.
  • 504 students: The building teams will meet to discuss and plan for accommodations with health and safety protocols. 504 plans will be followed if a student is participating in either the hybrid or remote learning model.
  • Students will NOT be allowed to share supplies or materials.
Large Group Gatherings
In-person large group gatherings have been suspended until further notice. Some events may be conducted virtually at the building or classroom level. 
Classrooms will stay together during recess in established zones. Classrooms will rotate throughout the day, in accordance with maintaining proper social distancing.
Related Arts (K-8)
  • Art: Students will not share supplies and materials.
  • Music, band, choir, orchestra: Classes will make adjustments for health and safety.
  • Classes may be held outdoors or remotely as needed.
Students are expected to wear face coverings while in hallways. Teachers and administrators will take measures to lessen congestion in the hallways and improve conditions for social distancing. Additional supervision in hallways and common areas will be necessary.  Students are not allowed in the hallway unsupervised. A Building Staff member will transport students as needed.
Restroom Breaks
Classrooms will be scheduled two restroom breaks daily.  Only one student will be allowed into the restroom at a time.   Students who need an additional break will be monitored by the Hallway Aides. 
Illness and Diagnosis Monitoring
District 152.5 will institute a tracking process to maintain ongoing monitoring of individuals excluded from school/work because they have COVID-19-like symptoms, have been diagnosed with COVID-19, or have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 and are in quarantine. Tracking ensures CDC and local health authority criteria for discontinuing home isolation or quarantine are met before a student or staff member returns to school/work. Tracking methods will include checking in with the school nurse to verify resolution of symptoms. Tracking should take place prior to a student's return to the classroom and a staff member’s return to work. 
District 152.5 will continuously monitor student and staff absenteeism. Employees and families must report specific symptoms, COVID-19 diagnoses, and COVID-19 exposures when reporting absences. If you are concerned about your exposure to COVID-19, a current list of testing sites is available at  
Students or Staff Testing Positive for COVID-19
Any confirmed cases of COVID-19 will be reported to the local health department by the school nurse or designee as required by the Illinois Infectious Disease Reporting requirements issued by IDPH. Districts will inform the school community of outbreaks per local and state health department guidelines while maintaining student and staff confidentiality rights.
  • District 152.5 will communicate with families and staff that any individual who tests positive for COVID-19 or who shows any signs or symptoms of illness should stay home.
  • District 152.5 will follow IDPH guidance regarding quarantine requirements and potential closure of school if a staff member or student is found to test positive.
  • ISBE and IDPH do NOT require complete school or classroom closure due to a positive COVID-19 test.
  • If a classroom or multiple classrooms are required to quarantine due to a positive test, impacted students will be provided instructional work if feasible during the quarantine period.  If physically able to participate, those days will not be counted as absences.
    • Teachers and paraprofessionals required to quarantine in this scenario will facilitate remote learning with their classes without loss of days if they are physically able
  • Students or staff that have had contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19 are required to isolate at home and monitor symptoms for 14 days.  According to the CDC, close contact is defined as ‘any individual who has been closer than 6 feet for more than 15 minutes.’
  • For all staff and students, 24 hours must elapse from resolution of a fever without fever reducing medication and 10 days must pass after symptoms first appear prior to returning to school.
    • Symptoms include:  fever of 100.4 degrees or higher, cough, shortness of breath  or difficulty breathing, chills, fatigue, muscle and body aches, headache, sore throat, new loss of taste or smell, congestion or running nose, nausea, vomiting or diarrhea.
  • Nurses will collect and maintain symptom reports when student absences are reported to the school.
  • Student or staff members returning from COVID-19 illness will be required to provide a negative test and check in with the school nurse and/or principal following quarantine and prior to entering a classroom or returning to work.
  • Parents, guardians, or other authorized individuals will pick up ill students as soon as possible, but within a reasonable amount of time, at the designated location.  Students will not be allowed to utilize the school bus or public transportation for the return to home.
  • District 152.5 administration will continue to monitor and communicate with local health department authorities regarding cases, exposures, hospitalizations, and any other relevant metric that may require a change in the operations of the school district. Procedures in this document may be altered to permit any necessary changes.  District 152.5 will also continue to monitor employee absences and maintain flexible leave policies and practices.
Social and Emotional Supports
Teachers will give developmentally appropriate lessons to ensure understanding of COVID-19 safety protocols, relationship building, managing difficult emotions and school expectations.
  • Assistance will be provided for students needing additional support.
  • If you have concerns about your student’s return to school, contact your student’s Principal (?).
  • Social /emotional supports are built into the daily schedule of all students (SEL).
Core classes
 [English / Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies] will receive priority for scheduling and planning.
  • Periodic movement / mask breaks will be taken throughout the day.
  • Only the 6th-8th grade students will move through the schools to limit students switching classes. All K-5 students will remain in their classroom and the Specials teacher will go to their classroom for their Specials classes [i.e. Art in the classroom, instead of moving to the art room].
  • Art, Physical Education, and Music will continue with the same modifications as all classes, including no verbal singing without masks and no physical contact [i.e. No basketball in PE].
  • The application of research-based instructional practices is necessary to maximize reduced instructional time. Assessment plans, including the analysis and application of the data, will be a major focus of staff work, so that instruction is focused directly on the students’ needs.
  • Small group / whole group instructional activities will be adjusted to maintain social distancing.
  • At this all extra-curricular activities will remain remote for the remainder of the 2020-2021 school year.
  • School start or end time has been adjusted because of the increased cleaning protocols for buses and additional time for walkers / riders to enter the buildings. 
Hybrid Program Instructional Expectations 
Follow the District 152.5 curricular resources for all subjects & SEL
  • Personalized instruction in a small group setting
  • Focus on differentiating for students’ needs (NWEA, common assessments)
  • Develop student learning plans to maximize instructional time
  • Students will be given daily assignments (1-Reading/ELA and 1 Math) to complete during independent instruction from 1 to 2 pm. All assignments must be completed and turned in daily.
  • Zoom Conferences Google Classroom and/or Google Meet conferences must be added to the Google Google Classroom calendar & weekly overview-for Fridays only
  • Google classroom   Discussions: In grades 3-8, students will participate in at least 2 per week.
  • Teachers will follow student IEP and 504 plans and provide all modifications and accommodations listed.
  • Provide a weekly overview of learning objectives and assignments to students and parents
  • All completed assignments   are to be turned in Google classroom Google Classroom .
  • Designate due dates in Google so that assignments appear on the calendar.
  • Anything that needs to be entered into the grade book needs to be
  • added as an assignment or quiz.
  • Independent Activities - Meaningful assignments from core content (1-Reading/ELA and 1-Math)
  • that reinforce, practice, and remediate material presented during student in-person instruction.
  • Google ClassroomDesignate available and due dates so the quiz will appear on the calendar.
  • In grades 3-5, students will participate in at least 2 assignments a week per subject area.
  • In grades 6-8, students will participate in 2 graded assignments  a week per class.
Remote Learning Guidelines
  • Daily live instruction will occur for all students in this model.
  • Instruction will be delivered through the Google Learning Management System.
  • Assignments / tests will be graded following the in-person structure.
  • Student attendance will be taken daily.
  • Training will be offered to students, staff, and parents on Google, communication, and the best processes for remote learning.
  • Special Education students: IDEA has not changed its requirements for
  • providing a free and appropriate public education [FAPE], so students' minutes will need to be met and compensatory plans may need to be created for students who have lost significant skills as a result of closure. Students will receive their accommodations.
  • 504 students: The building teams will meet to discuss and plan for accommodations with health and safety protocols. 504 plans will be followed if a student is participating in either the hybrid or remote learning.
  •  Communication
  • Use Google calendar to communicate all due dates & notifications
  • Use Google announcements for important class notices.
  Remote Program Instructional Expectations 
  • Follow HCSD 152.5 curricular resources for all subjects and SEL
  • Daily schedule of live instruction meetings according to the schedule
  • Google Meet conferences must be added to the Google calendar and weekly overview.
  • Utilize Google tools daily (good things, social contracts, Launch, etc.)
  • Utilize the Thoughtful Classroom tools - Training this fall
  • Utilize pages and modules in Google to deliver instructional materials.
  • Google Discussions: In grades 3-8, students will participate in at least 2 per week.
  • Teachers will follow student IEP and 504 plans and provide all modifications and accommodations listed.
  • Provide a weekly overview of learning objectives and assignments to students and parents
  • Anything students need to do or turn in needs to be placed as an assignment in Google Classroom (even ungraded assignments).
  • Designate due dates in Google Classroom so that assignments appear on the calendar
  • Anything that needs to be entered into the grade book needs to be added as an assignment or quiz.
  • Google Quizzes:
  • Designate available and due dates so the quiz will appear on the calendar.
  • In grades 3-5, students will participate in at least 1 quiz a week per subject area.
  • In grades 6-8, students will participate in 1 quiz a week per class.
  • HCSD 152.5  common assessments
  • Administer NWEA MAP and other district assessments remotely
  • Use Google calendar to communicate all due dates and notifications.
  • Use Google Classroom announcements for important class notices. 
The Role of Families
As we plan for a return to school this fall, students may feel added anxiety or fear about all of these changes. Teachers and staff will do their best to make sure that families are aware of the procedures and safety protocols to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Listed below are some resources that may be helpful. Also, be on the lookout for videos and additional resources and information as we transition to in-person instruction.
  • Ensure that your child is wearing an appropriate face covering every day when they arrive at school.
  • Talk with your child now about what some of the changes might be when they return to school. 
  • Be mindful of how you talk about the return to school. The words you use can either heighten or reduce your child’s stress, fear or anxiety. Try to stay calm and be positive to help increase their outlook and offer time for them to talk to you about their concerns and/or questions.
  • Start practicing wearing face coverings at home. Start by having them wear the mask for short periods of time and gradually increasing. Teach them about the dos and don’ts of proper mask usage [ex. they are not toys, do not chew on the mask, no trading, only touch with clean hands].
  • Talk to your child about the different strategies they can practice that will help keep them safe. Explain social distancing, the why behind wearing the mask and the importance of hand washing and sanitizing.
  • Help your child get back into a regular school routine by instituting earlier bedtimes and wake time routines to adjust for school start time changes.
  • Students that have 3 or more unexcused absences from in-person instruction return to remote learning at home.
  • Students that have 3 or more tardy to in-person instruction will return to  remote learning at home.
  • Students with 1 discipline infraction during in-person instruction will return to remote learning at home.
It will not be unusual for your child to display some out of characteristic behaviors, these behaviors could look regressive in nature or like behavior concerns. Do your best to approach these behaviors in a supportive, yet consistent manner.
As always, we are here to support you and help make this a smooth transition. Please reach out if you have concerns or questions.
What if a student is suspected of having COVID-19?
Immediately report to the main office. The student will be transported to the Quarantine Room to be picked-up by their parent/guardian.
How will a confirmed case be handled?
HCSD will follow the guidelines established by the CDC, IDPH, and CCPHD.
Refer to pages 11-12
How do I request additional PPE or report cleanliness concerns?
Please send an email to the Director of Buildings & Grounds, and cc: your Principal. 
Are there attendance requirements for in person instruction?
If a student has signed up for in-person instruction, the expectation is that they are in school daily.  Students are not allowed to toggle between remote and in-person learning. Students who regularly miss in-person instruction will be transitioned back to remote learning for the remainder of the school year.  The Building Principal and/or their designee will contact the parent(s)/guardian of students in risk of being moved back to remote learning.
What time are students required to be picked-up?
The instructional day for PreK students ends at 2:30pm.
For students in K thru 8th grade, the 
instruction day ends at 1:00pm.
Is there training for COVID-19 preparedness?
How should systematic concerns be communicated?
The Administrative team is committed to supporting our instructional staff during the transition of students to in-person instruction. Re-entry Committees will continue to meet to check in on how things are going. You can also email your concerns to your Building Principal for further investigation and considerations.