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8th Grade Orientation (BOLA/JWLA)
Voice Recognition

Principals Message

A Message from Ms. Johnson, Principal of Jesse C. White Learning Academy

Dear District 152.5 Stakeholders, 

It is an honor and a privilege to serve as the Principal of Jesse White  Learning Academy! I look forward to being a gatekeeper responsible for challenging current practices while balancing  student and staff needs.  

I have listed for you my plan to increase academic achievement, as well as, address the social and emotional well-being in our students. I can do this with your help, by allowing  me to work with you collaboratively. It is important to me that I am always in communication with you in order to maximize our student's potential. 

Below I have provided a list of activities for you to become familiar with my Leadership vision in collaboration with the District Office. 

The following plan will explore my objectives, guided questions, and activities to meet those objectives, and conclude with a success criteria as it relates to student outcomes.



Essential Questions


•Deeper dive into understanding individual students' needs and learning styles.

•Deeper dive into understanding and continuing traditions that celebrate student learning and success.

•How can we enhance strategies that have proven effective at supporting student learning?

• How do we increase the degree to which students feel safe, accepted and engaged in the learning process?


•Increase understanding of existing parent involvement strategies and procedures that have fostered student and school success.

•What other methods of communication can we create for various groups?

•How can we increase parent involvement contributing to the success of the school?

•How can we create a  family project that will  support and enhance communication and involvement of families?


•Establish  more trusting relationships with staff.

•Understanding more of individual staff members’ strengths and goals for professional development

What other ways can we listen and provide to staff members that will increase their expertise in various areas to support achievement?

•How can we work together with TNL to foster continuous improvement of student achievement?

Community Partners

•Deeper dive into understanding and supporting and enhanced interaction between the community and the school.

•How can we promote JWLA students to share their learning and contribute to the community?

•How can we engage more community organizations to support the achievement of students and contribute to a positive atmosphere at JWLA?

District Office

•Increase the relationship with District office teams


•How can JWLA collaborate more with the District office for professional learning opportunities that contribute to the success of JWLA students and staff?



Initial Entry Phase – Listening, Learning and Building Relationships 



•Hold summer opportunities to meet and socialize

•Participate in summer library sessions and read with students

•Participate in classroom learning activities with students in all classes during the first month of school


•Re-establish a PTO leadership team. 

•Hold social distancing events other events during July and August, coinciding with an open library. 

•Monthly family nights virtual/in person 


•Send a letter to invite all staff to meet during the summer.

•Establish a data leadership team during the summer to review data and draft plans for the coming year.

•Meet with staff as school begins to listen to current practices and aspirations for professional learning and future growth.

Community Partners

•Conduct a review of existing partnerships and community involvement.

•Send a letter of introduction to community partners and leaders.

•Attend any community events that will allow me to associate with community partners during the summer if available.

District Office

•Meet with District office staff (TNL) regarding student achievement data and existing programs.



Long-term Maintenance  and strengthening of Relationships October forward


•Continue lunch groups/ virtual sessions to listen to student voices on a regular basis

•Continue to work with Mrs. Thigpen  and staff to enhance existing safety procedures for all. 

•Continuously observe classroom instruction

•Continue to provide opportunities to celebrate student learning and success.


•Hold regular “Time with the Principal” chats and opportunities to listen to families in formal and informal settings

•Establish principal’s monthly newsletter to posts on JWLA website

•Maintain an open-door policy to meet with families about individual concerns


•Continuously observe instruction and debrief with teachers

•Participate with staff in PLC training to strengthen existing PLC procedures at the school.

•Publicize leadership team minutes, schedule open meetings.

•Maintain an open-door policy to discuss individual concerns with staff.

Community Partners

•Seek opportunities for additional partnerships for involvement in the school and opportunities for students to contribute to community around the school

•Collaborate with art, music, PE, Spanish,Band teachers to enhance displays of student work in the community and provide service to the community.

District Office

•Collaborate with District office staff regarding professional learning activities and resources to support the instructional program at Jesse White Learning Academy. 

In closing each year  to determine what success will look like,  I will review the objectives of the plan and collectively with my Administrative team, assess progress. 

Working with the team at the school, we will determine areas of success and which areas provide additional opportunity for growth. 

With families, we will assess the intentions of our systems of communication and involvement, and develop a focus to enhance those relationships for the coming school year. 

With students, we will assess their experience at the school and find ways to celebrate their achievement, hear their voices and encourage their exploration and interests during the coming year. 

Families, Together we can do great things and I look forward to your continued support as we navigate another successful year! Should you ever have a question, comment, or concern, please feel free to call me at 708-825-2190.


Ms. Latrice Johnson